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Paris Hotels – Teams Up With AccuraCast To Provide Cheap Online Reservation For Hotels in Paris

London, UK (PRWEB) October 15, 2004

One of the widest selections of discount hotels in Paris offering free nights can be found at Paris Hotels provides a quick, convenient and economical way for online booking of hotel rooms in Paris. They offer huge (discounts, as much as 60%!) and free night stays at most hotels in Paris. The companyÂ?s objective is to help customers save money Â?allowing them to enjoy Paris more.

Paris Hotels features:

Budget cheap hotels in Paris –

Everything from 2 Star to 4+ Star accommodation –

Online reservation for cheap Paris hotel rooms –

Paris Hotels selected AccuraCast ( ) to launch their brand and website on the leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo! Within just a few weeks, AccuraCastÂ?s work has already started paying off, as www.simply-paris.comÂ?s ranking has shot up on the leading search engines.

Farhad Divecha, managing director of AccuraCast says, Â?Paris Hotels has been a challenging project, especially since the sector we are tackling is nearly saturated. Our search engine optimisation services ( ) have started bearing fruit already. Our clients can witness the fruit of this labour and check search engine ranking for their site on our online search engine positioning tool ( )Â?

About Paris Hotels

Paris Hotels is a business of Turquoise Tours & Travels Ltd. – the travel experts who have been judiciously recommending hotels and apartments the world over for business and leisure travel. Along with its associates, Turquoise successfully operates multiple country/city specific travel portals specialising in hotel/apartment reservations.

About AccuraCast

AccuraCast is an integrated search engine optimisation, marketing, business intelligence and data analysis agency, providing small and medium sized companies in the UK online, direct mail and email marketing and advertising, website development, search engine optimisation and data analysis services.

AccuraCast was founded by, and is currently headed by Farhad Divecha and Jerome Bergerou. They both bring vastly different experience to the company.

For further information please contact:

Farhad Divecha

AccuraCast Limited

Tel: 0870 277 1371

Fax: 0871 240 7847




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Finding Paris Boutique hotels of the Lost Generation in Saint Germain

Paris has long been a favorite destination for expatriates, and artists are no exception. From writers, to painters, to jazz musicians, our popular culture is rich with stories and anecdotes about the lives of famous Americans living as expats in Paris. In the words of the writer Gertrude Stein, those Paris-based writers of the period between the wars, as well as their contemporaries, were a lost generation. Nonetheless, the tradition of Paris as the home of the expatriate artist, both the noteworthy and the down and out, continued long after the period between the wars.

Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was in the vanguard of American expats who returned to Paris following its liberation at the end of WWI, and that Henry Miller led a life of poverty and debauchery in Paris during the years leading up to WWII. More recently, the rock star and singer Jim Morrison lived in Paris until his death and ultimately his burial there. In fact, France has always been an especially welcoming place to creative artists and more than a few Americans, as well as creative artists of other nationalities, have found their way to Paris. Many have also found their greatest inspiration here. Although many have long since departed from Paris, we can still visit their haunts and houses and even stay in the same hotels where they once stayed. And staying in a Paris boutique hotel where we know that one of our favorite writers or musicians also stayed, is a unique way to experience Paris.

The period from 1920 up until the late 30s, between the two World Wars, was the time of the fabled Lost Generation. At that time, the American dollar went a very long way and the Left Bank (Saint Germain, Montparnasse) was the preferred place for expats and artists to be. Many of them began their stay in Paris in small boutique hotels that still can be visited today.

At the end of 1921, the Nobel Prize winning American author Ernest Hemingway stayed in Room 14 at the Hotel Jacob when he first returned to Paris. He resided there until he moved into an apartment on the rue Cardinal Lemoine in the 5th arrondissement. More famously, perhaps, in 1783 this same building was the site of the English Embassy in France. The Treaty of Paris, which recognized the independence of the new United States of America, was drafted here. Today this building at 44, rue Jacob, 75006 Paris is still a hotel, and it has been renamed The Hotel d’Angleterre. It’s a three star hotel with exposed stone walls and wood beam ceilings.

In 1925, jazz musician Sidney Bechet and dancer Josephine Baker arrived in Paris to perform in La Revue Nègre and stayed their first night in the Hotel Istria Paris, 29 rue Campagne Première, 75014 Paris. Josephine Baker went on to become a huge star in Paris and Sidney Bechet spent many years living and performing in Paris.

From 1931 – 1932  the American writer Henry Miller was a frequent resident of the Hotel Central,  1 bis, rue du Maine, 75014 Paris; where he stayed in rooms 38 and 40, living with a friend, or budget permitting, a room of his own. But it was in Room 40 of this hotel where he consummated his relationship with the French writer Anais Nin, who would become his patron and lover for many years. He also began writing his most famous novel, “Tropic of Cancer”, while living in the hotel.

L’Hotel, 13 rue des Beaux Arts, 75006 Paris; is not just your average four star Paris luxury hotel, as two of its most celebrated former visitors are currently buried in the Père Lachaise cemetery! The Irish author Oscar Wilde died in the hotel in 1900 after running up a large bill, and for a short time, the American rock star Jim Morrison stayed here with his girlfriend Pamela Courson in the same second floor room where Oscar Wilde died, L’Hotel has also been named the world’s best urban hotel by Harper’s Bazaar magazine in 2008.

Jim Morrison lived in Paris for about a year before his death in 1971. Upon his arrival in Paris he first stayed in the Hotel George V, 31, avenue George V, 75008 Paris. But he also spent a short time in Room 4 at the Hotel de Medicis, 214 rue St. Jacques, 75006 Paris. The Hotel de Medicis was recently renovated and has been renamed Le Petit Paris.

These Left Bank hotels that were the favorites of the Lost Generation, and those that followed them, are just a small sampling of the establishments that have hosted visitors and new arrivals in Paris over the years. Paris is no longer cheap enough to attract starving artists in large numbers and most visiting celebrities are staying in exclusive luxury hotels, as Jim Morrison did when he stayed in the Hotel George V upon his arrival in Paris. Today, the Plaza Athenée Hotel at 25, avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris; is the premiere artsy hotel of Paris. It was featured in the last episode of the TV series, Sex in the City, “An American in Paris” as the hotel where Carey Bradshaw stayed in Paris. The hotel has also hosted such diverse American noteworthies as Josephine Baker, Gary Cooper, Jackie Onassis Kennedy and JFK Jr.

Even if you choose not to stay in one of these Left Bank hotels that are full of history, you can just as easily get a little bit closer to the Paris of the Lost Generation by staying in a short term vacation rental and experiencing Paris as a local. And when you’re there, if you take the time to explore the side streets and alleyways of Paris and wander the Left Bank late at night, when all is quiet you just might hear the echoes of footsteps or the whispering of its ghosts.

Joshua Green writes about travel and tourism and has lived in Paris since 1994

Paris luxury hotel Saint Germain

Paris vacation apartment rentals

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Paris City of Light, Hotels or Apartment Rentals ?

The dramatic increase of French hotel prices over the past few years, especially in Paris, have led many tourists to shorten their holiday or simply pick other European destinations to spend their vacation.

However, some wise travellers have already pitched on a far more money-saving accommodation system which, it appears, may well become as popular as the traditional hotel business in the years to come.

Indeed, weekly apartment rental has become for many the best way to experience the city of lights without putting further strain on their holiday budget.

If the advantageous financial aspect of vacation rentals is a well-known fact, it is also the best way to live in the city just like one of its native inhabitants and forget about all the hassle of “not being at home”. Don’t want to go to the restaurant? You can have a romantic dinner at home! Don’t want to go to the bar? You can have a bottle of wine in your own private living room with your guests! It goes without saying that renting an apartment in the very heart of a city is certainly the closest way to experience Paris just like a true Parisian would.

Choosing your pied-à-terre in the city is now as simple as booking a hotel room and can be done in a few clicks. And with such a large choice of apartments or studios, travellers can now find an accommodation that will match their expectations in terms of size, budget or location, be it for adventurous backpackers or luxury travel addicts.

Paris Be A Part Of It

Paris Be A Part Of It, specialised in holiday rentals in Paris.

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