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Superbreak Announce Brand New Disneyland Paris Attraction Breaks

Superbreak Announce Brand New Disneyland Paris Attraction Breaks

York, England (PRWEB) July 9, 2010

Superbreak, the UK based short breaks specialist, has announced the launch of its brand new Disneyland Paris attraction breaks, offering a range of 2, 3 and 4 night packages with a multi-day entrance pass into both the Disneyland and Walt Disney Studio Parks. The Disneyland Paris partnership offers Superbreak customers a choice of selected 3 and 4 star hotels located in and around the Disneyland Paris resort, including the Magic Circus, Dream Castle, Radisson Blu Disney, Explorers Disney and Kyriad Disney hotels.

European attraction packages are destined to be a big summer hit with Superbreak customers as the operator expands it’s well known UK theme park breaks across the English Channel. Paris is already an important European destination for Superbreak through both its retail channel and with direct customers. The company’s position in Europe has already been strengthened this year with the introduction of a partnership with Eurostar.

In 2009, thousands of passengers travelled with Superbreak to Paris and sales for 2010 are already strong. The tour operator hopes the introduction of these new Disneyland Paris breaks will further enhance the company’s European breaks programme.

Superbreak continues to expand its packaged portfolio offering customers a range of hotel and attraction packages across the UK and Overseas, as well as a choice of over 500 sightseeing and tour add-ons.

Speaking about the new addition to the Attractions Breaks programme, Jon Harrison, Programme Manager at Superbreak commented: “Over the past few years our attractions break programme has soared in popularity as we have added the biggest UK theme park names such as Alton Towers and Legoland. The Disneyland breaks ( Paris partnership is the start of an exciting expansion into Europe, the packages will give our customers the combination of great prices and service they are already used to in the UK.”

About Superbreak:

Superbreak is the internet division of Superbreak Mini Holidays Limited, the market leader for short breaks and hotels throughout the UK. Superbreak is part of Holiday Break plc. Based in York, England, Superbreak specialises in booking cheap weekend breaks in 2-5 star hotel accommodation throughout Britain for the leisure traveller. Superbreak holds allocations of rooms at all hotels and can make bookings up to and on the day of departure.

With 5000 plus hotel partners in worldwide locations from Aberdeen to Abu Dhabi, from London to Lourdes and with great availability and rates for last minute hotels ( ), weekend breaks ( ), Paris Hotels ( ). Superbreak can offer an outstanding depth and breadth of UK and Overseas short break products.

For further information on Superbreak or on this PR, please contact:

Khalid Amin

Online Marketing Manager

Superbreak Mini-Holidays

Eboracum Way


YO31 7RE

(01904) 436043


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Selecting Paris Apartment Rentals Short Term

If you are touring Europe then you just can’t afford to miss out on Paris. Celebrated as the city of love, Paris is rich in historical sites. However, deciding where to stay while visiting Paris can be a little challenging. In order to prioritize you will need to calculate the days you plan to stay in Paris. If your stay is going to be for a little while only, then my recommendation would be to book Paris apartment rentals short term. Booking anapartmentcan help you to avoid the fuss of hotels while also saving money.


In this Internet age, there is but one choice to visit different sites and see what various rental agencies or property owners have to offer. There are many reputable agencies who work on finding good apartments according to the specifications of their clients. All you need to mention is that you require Paris apartment rentals short term and they will provide you with information about a Paris apartment based on your individual requirements. When searching for such an agency, the most important concern should be regarding trustworthiness. It is difficult for any client to blindly invest money, without having full knowledge of the services and amenities that they will receive.  Search for an agency or individual with a reputable background and experience. Look for references and testimonials.  A great place to get started with preliminary searches is  This helpful resource provides a complete listing of reputable agencies, individuals, and relevant web sites.



The next step requires you to discuss the types of apartmentsthat will fit your budget. After all, you are paying money to the agency for information on Paris apartment rentals short term and should get all the facilities you desire. Discuss apartments in terms of size, amenities, location, and more for a thorough evaluation and understanding of your vacation home requirements.  Some people prefer to book a Paris apartment through the actual owner in person.  Of course, it is always recommended to inspect a property thoroughly before final arrangements, however not every tourist can manage an in person visit.   Don’t simply accept someone’s word when searching for Paris apartment rentals short term.  Instead, require all information regarding payment, amenities, services, time frames, and conditions of property in writing and with a signature.  Additionally, ask to see photos of various properties as well as references from previous tenants.  If an agency or individual is not ready and willing to supply this information then they are probably not the best choice.  Often, agencies work as a middle-man between the owner and the tenant. They seem to extract more money as their agency fee and an extra for two months advance payment. This can be avoided if you can communicate directly with the owner of the apartment.

It is really easy finding Paris apartment rentals short term online; all you need to do is type in the right keywords and search engines will provide you with a list of agencies and private owners providing such apartments. You can also visit for a complete listing of reputable resources.

Have you been searching for Paris apartment rentals vacation vacation? Hope, this article will enable you to make the right Have you been searching for Paris apartment rentals vacation? Hope, this article will enable you to make the right decision of choosing the most suitable option of rental apartments in Paris during your short stay in this artistic city.

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Time to Make the Most of the Paris Winter Sale

Time to Make the Most of the Paris Winter Sale

(PRWEB) January 19, 2011

With flights on sale, now is the time to make the most of the annual Soldes in Paris

This winter, forget about the hustle, bustle and mayhem of the January sales in packed shopping centres across rainy Britain. Instead, swap it for the hustle, bustle and mayhem of the Paris ‘Soldes’ – one of the most fashionable annual sales.

The Soldes, as the French call their sales, began this week on 12 January and they are the ideal pre-cursor to next week’s Paris Fashion Week (beginning on 20 January 2011), where all the latest trends will be showcased in a glitzy affair at the Carrousel du Lourve.

Getting there could be the biggest bargain you might find though, with currently putting their flights to Paris on sale.

Prices Slashed on Everything

Sales are state-regulated in France and the winter one is joined only by a similar summer Soldes. During the winter Soldes, which ends on Tuesday 15 February 2011, everything from department stores, boutiques and designer shops will be slashing prices on last year’s must-have fashionable garments. You’ll even find sales at hardware stores too, suggesting that even tools go out of fashion in Paris.

Whilst we are accustomed to major discounts as soon as the January sales begin in the UK, in Paris, price reductions take a more staggered approach. However, fashionistas will delight at discounts of up to 80% on leading fashion labels.

However, you’ll have to have your wits about you if you are to enjoy a successful and fruitful day at the Soldes.

Top Tips to Make the Most of the Sales

Surviving the Soldes is no easy feat. To come out with a few bargains is even better but, with the fashion glitterati in town ahead of the Paris Fashion Week, everyone wants a bit of the Soldes.

Make sure you arrive early and, if possible, do most of your bargain hunting during the week and in the mornings. The champagne hangovers normally keep many of the fashionistas in their hotels during the morning and as the locals go about their normal day, you can indulge in some space and time to browse through rail and rail of dazzling fashion garments.

You don’t need to dress to impress, just make sure what you wear leaves you feeling comfortable and loose – in case you have to make a mad dash for the last dress!

Head to the hotspots for some of the best deals, although expect to be joined by the savvy shoppers, experienced in this art form. Department stores like Galeries Lafayette or Le Bon Marché, to small, up-and-coming boutiques or discount designer shops around Les Halles or the Marais district are ideal for some great deals.

Remember to enjoy the architecture and beauty of Paris whilst you’re there to really get the most out of your biggest bargain – your cheap flight.’s flight sale has some very fashionable prices with a flight to Paris starting from £9.99 one way, including taxes for anyone flying to the French and fashion capital.


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Get a Hotel Room Online on Any of the Budget Hotels in Paris

If you are looking for a place to stay in Paris or to book online for any Paris budget hotels available, you can choose a range of budget hotels in Paris, from one to five star hotels, apartments, vacation rentals and make a reservation online.

There is only one site where you can make a more informed hotel reservation and booking, AllBudgetParisHotels. The site is considered as an easy booking choice site for all Paris budget hotels.

They offer top Paris budget hotels from budget to luxury accommodations. You can search through their lists of budget hotels in Paris online and look for a hotel that suits your taste and budget. You can then place your hotel reservations online.

This site is not a travel agency. AllBudgetParisHotels was created to help you get complete lists of budget hotels in Paris for easier hotel room reservation. The site also aims to provide you the information to make a more informed decision as well as the option to book accommodations directly online for any budget hotels in Paris.


Through their site, you can also view the hotels’ pages, check for room availability, read hotel reviews and compare prices as well as send reservation requests for your room accommodations. Once you have made a hotel room accommodation request, it will be directly received by the budget hotels in Paris of your choice. They will then respond to your reservation request immediately.

All Budget Paris Hotels provides an effective and easier channel of communication between you and the budget Paris hotels. You can choose and book accommodation by yourself anytime with any of the budget Paris hotels of your choice.

For more information about All Budget Paris Hotels featured budget hotels in Paris, you can log on to

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Exotic Night Ambience Of The Boat Rental Paris


You are just surrounded by an entirely illuminated sparkling ambience, in the city of lights, while you would cruise along the river smoothly, is just an outstanding experience for anyone in a locations peniche Paris. All that stress concentrated under you spines due to the monotonous focus in your daily routine of hectic schedules will have to alleviate in essential. If you have to spend your vacation to chill out and relax pleasant ways, then you got to be right out here in the middle of the calm river to enjoy other dimensions of life.

The barge seine Paris has some more to offer you as well. Right on your table in front of you, all those variety of wines and relishing cuisine are smartly set up assuring you of a great feast of dinner ahead. This is just a part of the scenery of the luxury Paris yacht allowing you to completely invade the quite warmth and cool atmosphere.


The barge in Paris provides you with such an exotic menu for you to curiously and anxiously wait to taste the next deliciously different taste of refined cuisine. All those top notch quality foods from the brands vendors such as the jean Pierre vigato are served to please the guests with great hospitality. The gastronomy menu offered in the barge seine Paris is curators of the premium variety to initiate adequate smooth metabolism.

Especially while traveling in the boats Paris, some feel the nausea to develop sea sickness and other sort of allergies easily. Most of the times the allergies might be cause just because of what you intake. Moreover all those deep sea food are not perfectly suitable for every individual. Some are allergic to certain secretions that would be part of certain sea food, despite being cooked well. Mercury levels are found to higher in certain kinds of mackerels and tuna. When you consume these without proper blend to counter them, you might invite trouble for your belly.

It does not matter how strongly you are built up, excessive doses of mercury could be affecting seriously any kind of strong immune system. This is why you need to be very careful when you are spending your vacation in a sea fare. Still all those necessary first aid facilities are available with almost any of those boats Paris. It is a mandatory requirement insisted by the local laws for all the Paris boat. It is customary for the local government officials to periodically check and scrutinize the conditions of the Parisian boats for all those basic necessities. This ensures the safety for the travelers. They do not have to worry about any emergency risks associated with the traveling in the bateaux sur paris. Visit


Author, Calvin Garnier, specializes in writing about louer bateau à Paris , mariage paris, Location bateaux Paris , location de salles paris & salle paris.

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Charming Hotels in Paris on Offer at

Charming Hotels in Paris on Offer at

London, UK (PRWEB) May 19, 2005

Â?Ready for romance? Â?Send your loved one a hintÂ?

This eye catching banner is one of many features on that makes this website unique. The website provides online reservation services for charming hotels in Paris. The warm colours and beautiful design of the site set you right in the mood for romance and enjoying a bit of warmth.

As Harry Ozturk, Director of says Â?Paris is the most romantic city in the world, so we thought Â?why not make the charm and allure of this city affordable to even our budget-conscious travellers?Â?Â? After all everyone deserves some love and a lot of good times!Â?

You can find your ideal charming luxury hotel in Paris at

See the top 10 charming French hotels in Paris listed at

Or reserve a room in a trendy boutique hotel in central Paris, near the Champs Elysees by going to

AccuraCast have designed and developed the website and are managing the site launch. Read more about AccuraCastÂ?s search engine optimisation services at Or read about AccuraCastÂ?s website development services at

About is a business of Turquoise Tours & Travels Ltd. – the travel experts who have been judiciously recommending hotels and apartments the world over for business and leisure travel. Along with its associates, Turquoise successfully operates multiple country/city specific travel portals specialising in hotel/apartment reservations.

About AccuraCast:

AccuraCast,, is an integrated search engine optimisation, marketing, business intelligence and data analysis agency, providing small and medium sized companies in the UK search engine optimisation, website development, online, direct mail and email marketing and advertising, and data analysis services.

For further information please contact:

Farhad Divecha

AccuraCast Limited

Tel: 0870 277 1371

Fax: 0871 240 7847



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Paris Attractions and Things To Do in Paris

Due to the sheer abundance of cultural attractions and sights on display, a first-time visitor to Paris may not know where to begin.  Paris is a city that is synonymous with beautiful architecture and captivating elegance.  So, indeed, where to begin?  Well, for the tourist who really wants to make the most of their experience, a sightseeing tour of Paris attractions is the logical option.  Or why not try one of the many Paris bus tours on offer?

The benefit of taking one of the Paris bus tours available is that you can marvel at the major Paris attractions without having to exert yourself.  However, the choices you have are innumerable – there is an incredible amount of things to do in Paris.  Certainly, your only concern is likely to be the constraints you have on time to get the most out of this stunning city.

Perhaps you would like to explore the world-famous Parisian museums and peruse their cultural artifacts and treasures?  You cannot fail to be amazed by the imposing Louvre, arguably the most acclaimed museum in the world.  The Musee d’Orsay holds grandiose and elaborate historical paintings that are not to be missed.  And if this is not enough for you, you can get your fill of modern art at the Pompidou Centre. 

Yet Paris is not just a center of ingenuity in art.  An important and fascinating Paris museum is The Cite Des Sciences Et De L’Indutrie, committed to the practices of science and technology. 

If you are on a sightseeing tour, Paris is, of course, not short on architectural gems either.  Certainly, there is the renowned Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, both of which allow for spectacular and panoramic views of the city.  Similarly, you cannot visit Paris without seeing for yourself the Gothic splendour of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

I could go on – take a boat ride down the Seine, walk through the Champs Elysees, visit Napoleon’s Tomb, La Palais Royal, and the oft-overlooked, yet very impressive, Sainte Chapelle – the possibilities are endless. 

Conclusion: Perhaps the best way to really get around the major Paris attractions is with Paris bus tours.  Sightseeing tours on open-top buses allow for you to travel at ease whilst not missing the charm of Paris’ many sights.  Explore this exceptional city at your ease.

Explore some of the most celebrated Paris attractions like Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Champs Elysees with Globe Trips’ Paris Sightseeing Tour


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Explore the extravaganza with the Car Hire Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris

The capital for world’s fashion is the Paris city, with so many exotic and exciting places to visit such as the Eiffel tower etc. There are so many people who have fallen in love with this extraordinary city of beauty and so spend money to visit Paris. The real Paris consists of so various ranges of excitements along with the sightseeing and tourist spots.

If you are a connoisseur of delicious food varieties, then you would really be captured by the varieties of opportunities in the food delicacy that is offered by the Paris city. O Chateau conducts the wine tasting session where if you participate then you would taste the world’s best wines of France while you are just sitting at the O Chateau Sommelier that is considered as the heart of Paris. The lovers of architecture can visit the famous Notre Dame Cathedral (Cathedral de Notre Dame de Paris) and you can taste the beauty of the Gothic style architectural piece o arts. The original constructions were conducted in the 12th century.  It is situated on the on Île de la Cite which is the basic structure in which basis the whole entire city is gleaming with pride.


There is an amazing night life available for creating a color filled parties. The Moulin Rouge is the crown to all the entertainment surrounded in the Paris city since now it is famous for its legacy and traditional stories that it holds. People often do not mind missing the daytime sightseeing rather they would love to explore and enjoy their night life in an extravagant way. Paris is alive with pomp and vivid colors bringing out the true sizzling Parisian nightlife. The people of Paris are a pulsating and adventurous crowd who wants to reveal and unveil the secrets of enjoyment filled in the nightlife and to create sweet memories in their lives.

There are two major international airports available in Paris. The chief airport which is the efficient and most popular amongst them is the Charles De Gaulle Airport which is actually the busiest airport in the whole European countries. If you are a Budget traveler then you can discover cheaper deals in the Beauvais Airport. This airport is one hour travel from Paris. This introduction of Budget airlines in the flights to Beauvais has created a new path by making many people’s dream of Paris a possible one and transformed it into an affordable dream.

If you want the freedom of enjoying the Paris without any limitations then it would be advisable to rent a car. This is true since Paris is the ultimate place of destinations where millions of tourists wants to travel and explore every day. There are taxi stands available from the airport or any place in Paris which are easy to be caught for using within the city. There are wide ranges of car rental services available in the ground floor of the airports which offers quality vehicles of your choice at much reasonable price rates. You can also book them in advance to avail any discounts or special offers.

You can check the availability and best dealing offers from the Car Hire Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris or the Car Hire Beauvais Airport Paris, you can choose from the wide varieties of car rental services available, according to your place of arrival so that you can start enjoying your trip starting from the date of your arrival until the time of departure.

You can check the availability and best dealing offers from the Car Hire Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris or the Car Hire Beauvais Airport Paris.

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A New Way to See Black Paris

A New Way to See Black Paris

(PRWEB) November 11, 2004

Discover Paris! Â? a company that offers many unique activities for African-Americans traveling to Paris Â? is introducing a new concept in Black travel: the self-guided itinerary.

African Americans often travel in groups, particularly when they journey abroad. But Discover Paris! co-founder and vice president Monique Wells observes that Â?travel is most meaningful when it is personalÂ? and that Â?it is difficult to have a personal experience when you are traveling with 20 or more peopleÂ?. So for a limited time, Discover Paris is offering a two-day, self-guided itinerary on African-American history in Paris at a special low introductory price.

Wells and her husband Tom Reeves are building their companyÂ?s reputation on their personalized, self-guided itineraries for independent travelers. Their clients are typically individuals, couples or small groups. Customers complete a questionnaire indicating the types of activities and sites are of interest, and Wells and Reeves create a full itinerary based on those interests. In purchasing a self-guided itinerary, the Discover Paris! client can set his or her pace and agenda, free from the constraints of group travel.

When asked about how this concept might be received by African Americans, Sheila Umolu, director of Soul of, stated that Â?Recently, many African Americans are discovering the flexibility of independent travel to Europe. Not only are they able to take advantage of great travel deals, but they are able to get the information that usually is only available to groups. Discover Paris! itineraries provide the customized information that allow independent travelers to maximize the use of their time.Â?

African Americans represent the largest growing client base for Discover Paris!, largely because of the wide variety of à la carte (individual) activities that it offers to this group. Because Paris is a heritage site for African Americans, the company has created several self-guided historical and literary walks that feature Black history and contemporary life. It also offers a flea-market tour led by an African-American guide and wine pairing dinners and other events with an African-American wine specialist. In addition, Wells has created an introductory presentation on Black Paris and an Afro-centric bus tour to accommodate large groups.

As the author of the walks in Paris Reflections: Walks through African-American Paris (McDonald & Woodward, 2002), Wells strongly believes in bringing the concept of self-guided travel to the African-American community. She would like to see an increase in the number of African Americans requesting self-guided à la carte walks, and would also like to have these clients �graduate� from the two- to three-hour self-guided walks to three or more days of self-guided exploration of the City of Light. Hence the decision to offer the two-day, self guided African-American history itinerary.

Clients choosing to purchase this itinerary will visit neighborhoods on both the Left and Right Banks and learn of African-American entertainers, writers, soldiers and statesmen who made history there. Prominent figures include Josephine Baker, Langston Hughes, Jessye Norman and W. E. B. Du Bois. Sites include the hotel where the late African-American billionaire Reginald Lewis launched his takeover of TLC Beatrice; the Sorbonne, where the first Congress of Negro Artists and Writers was held in 1956; and the neighborhood where jazz clubs and other African-American businesses flourished between World Wars I and II. They will receive a personalized guidebook containing descriptive commentary and maps indicating the routes for each day, color illustrations and restaurant recommendations for lunch and dinner.

For more information, visit


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Black Paris Divas Strike Gold with Unprecedented Tour of Paris & the Dordogne

Black Paris Divas Strike Gold with Unprecedented Tour of Paris & the Dordogne

(PRWEB) May 4, 2005

Black Paris Divas International – a partnership between Kattrax Tours, Walking the Spirit Tours and Cafe de la Soul * Your Black Paris Portal – have literally struck gold with Culture, Cuisine & Josephine, a unique African American heritage tour of Paris and the Dordogne.

The 8 day/7 night tour kicks off in the City of Light, where the quartet known as Black Paris Divas (Kat St. Thomas, Julia Browne, Robin Bates and Robin Mitchell) guide tour participants through a series of enlightening Black Paris tours, bountiful shopping excursions and palate-pleasing dining experiences with delectable dishes from France and the African Diaspora.

Participants are then whisked off by train (first class) to the Dordogne, arriving in a charming medieval town straight out of a fairytale. Once there, more mouth-watering culinary adventures await, as the next two days are spent sampling the best wines, foie gras and local specialties the region has to offer.

The full Culture, Cuisine & Josephine tour experience then culminates in a private guided tour of Josephine Baker’s former home, Chateau des Milandes, where participants are guided through halls of rare photographs, original costumes, medals and furniture that once belonged to la Baker.

Reviewing the tour’s itinerary, it becomes clear that Culture, Cuisine & Josephine is not your ordinary tour of France. Even clearer is the fact that this tour is unlike (and in many ways, far exceeds) other Black Paris packaged tours on the market today.

Just what makes Culture, Cuisine and Josephine so special? When participants were posed this question, they replied:

“It’s the passion that Kat, Julia, Robin B. and Robin M. have for Paris, our culture and their tours. They enjoy every second, and that comes across in their interactions with us as a group as well as with others we come in contact with.”

“The attention! Never once did I feel forgotten or unattended to. I overheard another tour participant ask if we could add an additional stop to our itinerary, the reply was “Of course! This is your tour! It’s all about YOU.’ At that moment, I was impressed.”

“These sisters speak French, know their history, and can navigate through Paris like nobody’s business. Black Paris Divas – the name says it all!”

“It is clear that great care has gone into planning the itinerary, from the hotel selections, to the restaurants and group excursions. 100% class, from day one.”

“We did it all! We got a taste of African American history in Paris, went on a private motorcoach tour of the city, did some major shopping, dined at terrific restaurants, toured Josephine’s chateau, and still found time to do some exploring of our own. Looking back, I can’t believe it, but we literally did it all!”

Culture, Cuisine & Josephine has been known to stir up many emotional moments in the tour participants. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that the tour creates rare opportunities to connect with and almost relive the most positive aspects of African American culture and history abroad, a fact that is – understandably – deeply moving for some.

As one honorary diva explained through her tears: “This (feeling) started early on the tour as I found myself walking in the footsteps of our historical greats. Now to be standing in the very chateau were Josephine Baker lived at the height of her career…just to be here…learning more about her life, her accomplishments, is at once overwhelming and inspirational. I’m in total awe.”

This may be the first time you’ve read about this dynamic group, but Black Paris Divas are in no way newcomers on the Black Paris scene. In fact, some would say that they are not only pioneers, but experts in their field. Kat St. Thomas – tour guide extraordinaire – has been conducting group tours to Europe and the Caribbean for the past 22 years, and first began bringing groups of African Americans to Paris in 1983. Julia Browne – journalist, film maker and former Paris resident – started Walking the Spirit Tours in 1994, the very first of similar walking tours that would eventually follow. Robin Bates – former Paris resident and founder of Cafe de la Soul – has been traveling to France since 1989 and 1998 launched Cafe de la Soul, the first website ever to focus on the African American community and their history in Paris. The fourth and newest diva is Robin Mitchell, a current Paris resident and PhD candidate from UC Berkeley. Mitchell has been studying African and African American history as it pertains to France since 1993 and has the honor of working under the famed Tyler Stovall, author of the highly revered book “Paris Noir: African Americans in the City of Light”. Individually, these brilliant and accomplished women stand on their own; together they are Black Paris Divas. Indeed.

In 2006, Black Paris Divas will add yet another clever spin to their already exceptional tour: typically Culture, Cuisine & Josephine takes place in March and April, however, an additional excursion has been added for June 2006, when the entire Village des Milandes will be celebrating the 100th year anniversary of Josephine Baker’s birth in a spectacular all day bash in honor of the beloved entertainer.

In addition to Culture, Cuisine & Josephine, Black Paris Divas conducts two other tours: “La Vie En Noire” an 8 day/7 night tour package in Paris and “Culture, Cuisine & Reggae”, an 8 day/7 night tour focusing on Caribbean culture and the reggae scene in Paris. For more information, visit their website at



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