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Paris Attractions and Things To Do in Paris

Due to the sheer abundance of cultural attractions and sights on display, a first-time visitor to Paris may not know where to begin.  Paris is a city that is synonymous with beautiful architecture and captivating elegance.  So, indeed, where to begin?  Well, for the tourist who really wants to make the most of their experience, a sightseeing tour of Paris attractions is the logical option.  Or why not try one of the many Paris bus tours on offer?

The benefit of taking one of the Paris bus tours available is that you can marvel at the major Paris attractions without having to exert yourself.  However, the choices you have are innumerable – there is an incredible amount of things to do in Paris.  Certainly, your only concern is likely to be the constraints you have on time to get the most out of this stunning city.

Perhaps you would like to explore the world-famous Parisian museums and peruse their cultural artifacts and treasures?  You cannot fail to be amazed by the imposing Louvre, arguably the most acclaimed museum in the world.  The Musee d’Orsay holds grandiose and elaborate historical paintings that are not to be missed.  And if this is not enough for you, you can get your fill of modern art at the Pompidou Centre. 

Yet Paris is not just a center of ingenuity in art.  An important and fascinating Paris museum is The Cite Des Sciences Et De L’Indutrie, committed to the practices of science and technology. 

If you are on a sightseeing tour, Paris is, of course, not short on architectural gems either.  Certainly, there is the renowned Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, both of which allow for spectacular and panoramic views of the city.  Similarly, you cannot visit Paris without seeing for yourself the Gothic splendour of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

I could go on – take a boat ride down the Seine, walk through the Champs Elysees, visit Napoleon’s Tomb, La Palais Royal, and the oft-overlooked, yet very impressive, Sainte Chapelle – the possibilities are endless. 

Conclusion: Perhaps the best way to really get around the major Paris attractions is with Paris bus tours.  Sightseeing tours on open-top buses allow for you to travel at ease whilst not missing the charm of Paris’ many sights.  Explore this exceptional city at your ease.

Explore some of the most celebrated Paris attractions like Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Champs Elysees with Globe Trips’ Paris Sightseeing Tour


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Paris Nightlife – Top 10 things to do in Paris for lovers of nightclubs and nightlife

So you’re a clubber. You love the nightlife. The only reason you really want to visit Paris is to see the world-class clubs, cafes and cocktail bars and why not go shopping for some trendy club wear while you’re there. You want to hear the famous French Touch house music and see the sunrise over the Seine. But Paris is also the number one tourist destination in the world, so you’ve got to do a bit of due diligence and see at least a few tourist attractions, if only to show your friends and family that you really were in Paris. So here are the top ten most interesting things to do for night clubbers visiting Paris, including the top tourist attractions that should be of particular interest to you.


Palace of Versailles – The home of the French kings from Louis XIV to Louis XVI (and Marie Antoinette). This is undoubtedly the most extravagant palace in Europe and one of the most renowned in the world. At its height over 1000 nobles lived at Versailles, taking part in its social functions and playing games of political intrigue. If you like elegance, glamour, and extravagance, take a day off, get up early and go see Versailles.


The Louvre – The most famous museum in the world, the home of the Mona Lisa and countless other priceless works of art. You could spend a week exploring the Louvre, but since you’re in Paris for nightlife and the Louvre is centrally located, just head over for an afternoon after a late brunch. Take in the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, the Slaves of Michelangelo and a few other pieces that strike your fancy. The next time you visit a vernissage, you’ll be able to admire the art from a new point of view.


The Eiffel Tower – The Eiffel Tower needs little introduction. You should visit it so you have a photo of you with the Eiffel Tower in the background, it’ll be a good memento of your Paris nightlife trip. If you don’t choose to go up to one of the observation levels, you can also choose to go to Place de Trocadero which presents some of the best Eiffel Tower photo opportunities.


Café de Flore – While you could visit any café in Saint Germain, or cafes in many other neighborhoods in Paris for that matter, Saint Germain is renowned for being the favorite destination of intellectuals and artists. One of the most well known cafes in Saint Germain is the Café de Flore. You can eat a late brunch here or just stop by in the afternoon for a cup of coffe or early in the evening for a cocktail. Ideal for people watching, chilling out after shopping in Saint Germain, and also for a light lunch, Café de Flore was the hangout of the philosopher Jean Paul Sartre and his band of existentialists. Note that while the outdoor terrace is usually full, French noteworthies and regulars generally stay indoors or upstairs.


Stroll along the Champs-Elysées – Although the Champs-Elysées is no longer the Greatest Boulevard in the World, as it was immortalized in films like Godard’s Breathless ( A Bout de Souffle ), you should visit the Champs-Elysées in order to orient yourself, because Paris’ finest clubs are found along the Champs-Elysées and its side streets. Most of the shops and restaurants these days are chains, franchises and fast food but you’ll also find Louis Vuitton’s flagship store.


Place des Victoires – This list could be filled out by ten places to go shopping, but we’ll try to stay on track. So limit your specific shopping destination to the Place des Victoires. On the square itself and the side streets, are some of the city’s best shops and boutiques for buying club wear. You can also pick up numerous club flyers and party invitations in the same boutiques and the nearby trendy cafes


Visit a VIP Nightclub – Paris is home to some of the most exclusive nightclubs in the world. While a night out can be quite expensive, it can also be rewarding. The nightclubs along the Champs-Elysées can be the most difficult to get into. So if you don’t consider yourself a veteran of getting past the velvet rope, the best strategy is to go to a nice trendy cocktail bar, talk to the trendy people there and ask them where is the best place for YOU to go tonight. They will get the message and tell you where the entry is easiest or perhaps invite you to come along with them. Key destinations include:  Queen, l’Etoile, Le Cab, VIP Lounge, Sens, Le Baron.


Cabaret – If you want to spend a quiet but spicy evening out, visit a Paris cabaret. Cabaret shows are Las Vegas style variety shows with bare breasted dancers, acrobats, and other exotic performers. The Moulin Rouge is a classic and the old standby, but the Lido, on the Champs-Elysées, is in the same vein but slightly more upscale. Slightly different, the Crazy Horse is a racier show, consisting entirely of almost totally nude women who perform choreographed dance while an artistic display of colored light dances across their bodies.


Theatre / Opera / Jazz Club – Choose according to the amount of time you have and your particular predilections. But every night of the week there is something to do in Paris. You’ll find some of the most magnificent Opera and theatre in the world. If you visit the theatre, you’ll need to be fairly fluent in French to follow, but even if you’re not, visiting a venue like the Théatre des Champs-Elysées can be a social event. When visiting the Opera, Opera Garnier is the obvious choice. With its Baroque architecture and capacity of over 2000 people, it offers nightly performances of opera and ballet. For either, you’ll want to dress to the nines. Paris also has a world-class Jazz offering, check out the New Morning or the Hot Brass for top international headliners.


Drive along the Quai de la Seine –At least once during your stay in Paris, at 4AM or 5AM, or whenever you’re heading home before dawn, take a taxi along the Quai de la Seine. If you head from the Champs-Elysees to Châtelet you’ll travel along the bank of the river. Seeing it at night, when all is quiet and the crowds have gone to sleep, is an unforgettable site and a romantic one too.


In the event that your night time activities don’t wear you out, or if your fortunate enough to have enough time to go out every night for a fortnight and still have days to spare, you can visit the standard offering of museums, restaurants and cultural attractions. And just in case you’ve got a long stay planned, get closer to the culture, and avoid the 6AM walk of shame past the hotel doorman, by choosing a short term Paris vacation rental.

Joshua Green has lived in Paris since 1994 and writes about travel and tourism.

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Five Amazing Things to Do in Paris for Free

Have you always wanted to go to Paris? It is one of the most talked about cities in the world to visit. Listed are some free and cheap things to do in Paris.

1) The Notre Dame Cathedral

One of the most famous places in Paris to visit is the Notre Dame Cathedral. You can go there and there is no fee to go inside. The cathedral is one of the top five places in Paris to see and you will be glad you did. Its history dates back to the 1100′s. The cathedral has gone through some restoration since then and it should be one of the wonders of the world to see for its statue of the Virgin and child. The cathedral has marvellous French Gothic architecture, sculpture and stained glass.

2) The Eiffel Tower

The famous Eiffel Tower is another place to visit. It is the tallest building in Paris. Its lattice structure is made from iron. Both the first and second levels of the tower feature restaurants. Visit this worldwide famous icon that was built in the 1800s. If you want to take the elevator in the tower it will cost you, however you can take a homemade picnic lunch and sit on the green grounds at the Eiffel Tower and it won’t cost you a cent.

3) Galeries Lafayette

The Galeries Lafayette Fashion shows are also free. Every Friday from March to December you can go to the 7th floor at the popular Paris department store and view a fashion show. On the 6th floor of The Galeries Lafayette you will find the biggest souvenir store in Paris. Everything Paris related can be found there.

4) Various Concerts

You can also find free concerts in Paris. You can attend a classical or blues concert at the American Church in Paris, an organ recital at Notre Dame or choir rehearsal at Sacre-Coeur. In the summer you can attend a free concert on the banks of the Seine. Every summer, Paris hosts something called “Paris Plages” which literally means “Paris Beaches”.  The Mayor turns several locations along the banks of the Seine into sandy beach scenes, complete with beach umbrellas, deck chairs and palm trees.

5) Street Markets

Visit the many marketplaces and street markets in Paris such as the popular Marché Saxe-Breteuil, which has an array of amazing food and fresh flowers. Elsewhere, if you’re near Place des Termes metro station, you must visit La Maison du Chocolat to sample some tongue-tingling truffles which promise a “no bitter chocolate” taste. Don’t miss the Fromagerie Vacroux Et Fil in the market street of Rue Daguerre to taste a variety of exotic cheeses that you would not ordinarily find anywhere else. Visiting markets in Paris will not only let you explore the culinary and material delights of Paris, but it’ll also give you an opportunity to meet the locals, experience the culture and have a chance to take incredible, colourful photos of the heart and soul of Paris.

This is a guest post by Lindy Howard for If you want to save even more money, why not stay at a cheap hotel in Paris? We’re the experts and we have over 36 hotels to choose from. No booking fee!

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Things To Ponder When Moving To France

When moving to France you will want to immediately contact a removals France company.  If you attempt to move to France on your own you will most likely encounter numerous issues along the way.  When you consider how much preparation and planning goes into such a move, you will quickly discover that it is much easier to rely on the professional services of a removals France company, than it is to rely on your own will.  


Moving in general is considered to be one of the most stressful things that an individual, family, or company can take part in.  This is due to the amount of things that must be considered and put into action.  This stress can further increase if you are moving to France due to the distance from your current location.  If you have never moved to France before or to any other Country, then you must be aware that there are many things that must be done in order to conduct the move quickly, professionally, and affordably.


Who needs that added stress?   Your best bet when moving to France is to immediately contract a removals France based company and take the stress and worry out of your general moving situation.


How Can A Removals France Company Eliminate My Stress When Moving To France?


If you are moving to France and contact a removals France based service you will quickly discover that they can eliminate up to 90% of your moving stress.  That is why so many people moving to France instantly take advantage of such services.  This allows them to focus on other important matters such as making sure that their new place in France is ready to move into.


A moving company can literally execute your entire moving experience.  First off, a moving company can arrive at your current residence with packing materials in hand.  They can then go from room to room of your home and can pack up all of your personal belongings for you.   You can simply direct them as to what needs to be packed up and can point out those items of value that need to greatly be secured and padded in order to ensure that no damage comes to them.


They will also arrive at your home with custom moving vehicles that are specifically designed for moving households and companies of all sizes at a low expense.  They will load up all your belongings and your furniture and will then transport all of these items to your new home in France.  This allows you to freely travel to France by any means that you desire without having to worry about traveling with your belongings.


Once in France the movers will then unload all your belongings and in many cases will even assist you with unpacking.  It’s that simple!  All of these elements added together are more than enough reason for you to consider the use of a professional moving company when it comes to your move to France.


If you are Moving to France then you should immediately contact a Removals France centric company that can assist you with your move.  By visiting Removals France, you can obtain all the information you need to make this possible.

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Shake things up for prom

Shake things up for prom
Jewel tones are hot for prom this season as seen in this purple, sequined, strapless dress with multi-layered shirt ($ 375) by La Femme.
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Isabella’s mom thanks church family at services in Orange (video)
ORANGE — It wasn’t hard to imagine what they were thanking God for at Orange Congregational Church Sunday morning.
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Comeback King Beaujolais Says Adieu to Bad, Fad Nouveau Wine: John Mariani
Remember those 1970s Beaujolais Nouveau parties held in November at the release of the wine’s harvest?
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Ten Essential Things To Do When You Visit Barbados

Ahoy there mateys! I take it that you landlubbers want a piece of the deep blue. Well, if that’s the case, then pack your bags and prepare to hoist the colors because there’s no other place to let your inner pirate loose than in the beautiful isle of Barbados.

1.) Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

There’s nothing better to kick start your holiday than to have yourself a bottle of authentic pirate rum. Visit Mount Gay Visitor’s center and have a sample of the best rum that the Caribbean can offer. You can also avail of a free tour around the factory to see exactly how Rum is made.

2.) The Life of a Gentleman Farmer

Have you ever thought about how your life would be if you had been a gentleman farmer during the colonial times? Well, satisfy your curiosity by visiting the Francia Plantation House, a wonderfully preserved house that dates back to when Barbados was still part of the colony. It is filled with antique furniture and antique paintings.

3.) Last Windmill Standing

If you’re on a trek to discover the history and culture of Barbados, you certainly can’t miss the Morgna Lewis Sugar Windmill. Of all the windmills in Barbados, this was the only one that lasted. Amazingly, it’s still standing right now and it has become one of Barbados’ tourist attractions.

4.) Commune with your Spiritual Side

If you’re curious about the life of the monks in the monasteries, visit St. Nicholas Abbey. It’s situated above a cliff and is 800 feet above sea level. Going there will also give you a breathtaking view of the Atlantic that is sure to make your trip up to the cliff perfectly worthwhile.

5.) Ride with the Wind

Barbados is hailed as one of the best spots for windsurfing in the world. So, if you’re up for some extreme sports, grab your swimsuit and head on out to the beach for some windsurfing action. Make sure that it’s not summer though, because during summer, the seas of Barbados are perfectly calm and are most suitable for other activities.

6.) Explore the Underwater World

If the winds are not picking up and the waves aren’t cooperating, don’t worry, the Barbados beaches still has lots to offer you. Shed your land legs and grab some snorkels and dive into the beautiful deep blue sea to explore a whole new world entirely. Swim with the fishes and discover the coral reefs in the west and south coasts, or you could also visit the Pamir shipwreck, a truly exciting and mysterious experience.

7.) Celebrate with Some Tropical Foods

Barbados offers some great cuisines for you to enjoy. The favorite is the Flying fish – this can be cooked in a variety of ways, fried, steamed, grilled – whatever, either way, it’s a must-taste if you’re visiting Barbados. You can also sample some of their fresh fruits and of course, their delicious lobsters, but if you’re going to visit a restaurant though, prepare some cash because it will cost you.

8.) A Calm Interlude

In the midst of all the hustle bustle of your visit to the tropics, why not take some time to relax and have a nice peaceful walk through Welchman Hall Gully, a path that’s flanked by beautiful flowers, vegetation, and spice trees. If you’re lucky, you might spot a monkey or two. It’s also a good place for bird watching.

9.) When Darkness Falls

You’d think that everything would be quiet once night comes in the peaceful island of Barbados. But you’d be horribly mistaken. In fact, St. Lawrence Gap, a 1 mile road in Barbados is famous for night clubs, jazz bars, and pubs where you can dance until you drop.

10.) A Pirate’s Haven

Just because you’re tired for the day doesn’t mean that you’ll have to stop your role playing as a swashbuckling buccaneer. Quite the contrary. You can always retire to Barbados’ Pirate Inn, an inn that specializes in providing lodging that has a pirate theme.

Jonathan Williams is the travel writer for Destination Guide TV – the place to share travel videos. Visit to view or share Barbados travel videos.

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Fun Things to Do in Panama

Many people are eyeing Panama real estate, Panama property, or any prime real estate in Panama because of the region’s increasing value both as a tropical getaway and as a place where business can grow through various sound and secure investments, which of course include Panama real estate, Panama property, or any prime real estate in Panama.

Whether you’re in the country for business or pleasure, there is never a lack of things to the country, whether for the businessman who’s always in a rush, or the tourist who has a lot of time in his or her hands.

A Great Way to Relax

For those who are looking for a relaxing activity after a day of meetings and work, Panama has one of the finest restaurants in the world. From world-class fine dining choices to down to earth local cuisine, name it, and Panama probably has it.

A Taste of Panama

Just going from place to place and sampling the food is relaxing enough. Just imagine strolling into a restaurant after a hard day’s work to eat a five course meal at a good restaurant, or if you aren’t the type to do loading at night, then you can drop by local stalls to sample the various delicacies and snacks.

One of the suggested destinations is El Trapiche in Vía Argentina, which is best for those who want a taste of Panamanian food. The best recommended foods here is the Panamanian Fiesta combination plate, which begins by whetting your palate with a local version of chicken soup, then treats you to seven other samples of the local cuisine. It’s just perfect for the newcomer who wants to know what Panamanian food tastes like, or the veteran who just can’t get enough of the local cooking. For some foreign flavor, you can go Italian at the Restaurante Saltimbocca at Calle Alberto Navarro #4, El Cangrejo, for some truly orginal but unique Italian cuisine.

Nightlife in Panama

For those with more upbeat tastes, Panama’s nightlife is also booming. Visit Buzz at Punta Pacifica to dance to popular pop tunes, or for a more quiet retreat, you can try Cafe El Barko in Calle Amador, Isla Flamenco, where you can both look at the stars and dance and dine to your fullest. For a truly unique experience, you can also try Las Bovedas in Plaza Francia, where this once dungeon now serves up cool jazz and blues that will sooth your worries away.

Have Fun with What Panama Real Estate can Offer

Of course, who can forget the beach? Many Panama real estate, Panama property, and prime real estate in Panama is located near the beach and the coast so that one can enjoy the sun and the sea in the rich tropical climate. There is also Panama real estate, Panama property, and prime real estate in Panama located in the country’s highlands, that in turn give way to a pristine and natural environment away from the hectic atmosphere of the city. Many developments have taken advantage of Panama’s highlands, which is just a short drive from both the sea and the city to provide businessmen and retirees with Panama real estate, Panama property, and prime real estate in Panama so that they have the best of both worlds.

You plan to buy some property, and Panama property is a great choice for sure. If you like exotic countries with beautiful beaches and mountains, than you should visit Laurie Cooper’s site and check Panama real estate offer.

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France – The Top Things To Do

The multi-cultural nation of France has so much to see and do – you really are spoilt for choice here! Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world (receiving on average 80 million tourists annually), France has something for everybody. Whether you are looking for sublime food and drink, interesting culture and history, romantic ambiance, or attractions to see, France definitely has it all.

We have put together a brief guide to the things you MUST do when visiting France, so read on for more…

Reach The Top of the Eiffel Tower
To get the very best views of wonderful Paris, ensure to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower! Here you will be at over 1,000 feet so it is not for the vertically challenged! With restaurants at the summit, and gift shops you are sure to purchase some souvenirs of your visit. Since its unveiling over 120 years ago, the Eiffel Tower attracts millions of tourists each year. At night the Tower is transformed into a spectacular light display – so sample this from the ground!

Family Fun at Euro Disney Paris
For a family day or week, depending on what you choose, Disneyland Paris is the perfect place for magical adventures, thrilling rides, fantastic attractions, and of course meeting all your favourite Disney characters! There are hotels, a gold course, world famous Walk Disney studios here, and every family member will be accommodated here!

Scale the Heights of the Notre Dame Cathedral Bell Tower
The Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral was completed in 1330 after over 150 years of work. The arches and broad towers tell a story, and the walls inside display fantastic stone carvings of French Royalty from days of yore. For a fabulous experience, scale the South Tower and take the same journey as the fictional Hunchback of Notre Dame who tolled the famous bell so many times in Victo Hugo’s masterpiece.

Stroll Through The Arc de Triomphe Paris
Napoleon commissioned this famous building in honour of the French Army; it is known as the L’Etoile by the local Parisians and is a patriotic symbol of the military history of France.

Visit The Magnificent Versailles Palace
Lying just 13 miles south west of Paris, Versailles was the capital of Paris for around a century. King Louis XIV built this extravagant palace in the 17th century.

Visit Countless French Museums
France is home to plenty of world famous museums that hold priceless works of art. It’s fair to say that Paris is home to possibly the finest museums in the world, the most famous being the Louvré, home of the Mona Lisa and the scene of the blockbuster novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’.  If you want to see the works by the nineteenth century impressionists, head to the Museé D’Orsay. For modern art, go to the Centre Georges Pompidou.

Visit Luxurious French Châteaux
If you want to see how the other half lived in splendid luxury, head down the UNESCO World Heritage status recognized Loire Valley to sample some of the most breathtaking castles and palaces you are likely to see. Visit towns such as Nantes, Blois, Amboise and Angers to get proper views of these marvellous buildings. Some of the most aesthetic and famous Châteaux are located in Chambord, Chenonceau and Fontainebleau.

Visit The Geographical Wonders Of France
France is home to some of the most alluring Geographical wonders in the western world, not least the castle and small town located in the Normandy region called Le Mont Saint Michel. The town and castle are located on a giant rock and in high tide the town and castle become an island. When the tide moves out it becomes a road that allows people to drive to the town. The local cuisine is well worth checking out.

Winter and Spring Fun In the French Alps
The rocky peaks and snow tipped mountains of the French Alps are the perfect place for that wintertime fun. Try your hand at skiing, snowboarding, springtime canoeing or simply hike or bike your way around the wonderful Alpine Region of France.  There are plenty of National and Regional Parks in the region to check out as well.

Tour The Fabled Wine Country Of Bordeaux
The Bordeaux region is famous for its wine and vineyards that dot the lush green countryside. Visit some of the wine farms of the region and enjoy a wine tour and sample some of the best wines you will ever taste. Bordeaux is home to the famous June Wine Festival that takes place over four days.

Visit Historic Normandy
Normandy has a historical past, and as such attracts thousands of visitors every year. Normandy is famous in history as being the area where the D-Day landings took place in June 1944, and also a place where plenty of invasions and battles took place going back to the Viking era of the 9th century. It is a place of peace and tranquility now, with wonderful sea views from the beaches, green countryside, and charming towns such as Rouen, the wonderful fishing village of Honfleur and the town of Deauville which holds the American Film Festival every September!

Enjoy France’s Sun Resorts
France has a coastline that extends for over 2,000 miles and the beaches are perfect for a relaxing summer holiday – for sun worshippers and water activities alike! There is a great variety in the sun resorts of France; you have the rugged beauty of the Brittany Region and the sophisticated resorts of the Côte d’Azur, in the French Riviera in such places as Cannes, St Tropez and wonderful Nice.

Celebrate Bastille Day In France
The 14th of July in France is a special day, it commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution of 1789, and there are festivals and colourful firework displays and processions taking place all over the country on this date every year.

Hope you got some travel ideas from our Top Things To Do In France article. The best way to get around France is to travel with freedom, independence and at your own pace by securing a rental car. For the best discount rates available check out our Car Hire France page.

John writes for – an independent car hire reservation website where you can book low cost car hire at over 5,000 locations worldwide.

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Things about the MAFIA you may want to know before visiting Italy

The Sicilians were tired of having to give taxes to Rome and being ruled upon by the mainland.  Thus through the community of forming trade unions, the birth of ‘family’ syndicates arose.  
The word MAFIA has a grand etymology, possibly the strangest and funniest of all the possible reasons for the formation of the word comes from the 13thC. During this period Sicily was run by Charles I of Sicily, son of Louis VII of France.  Apparently MAFIA was an acronym for “Morte alla Francia, Italia anela” this is Italian for “Death to France, Italy cries!”
Ten Commandments
In November 2007 Sicilian police reported to have found a list of “Ten Commandments” in the hideout of mafia boss Salvatore Lo Piccolo. They are thought to be guidelines on how to be a good, respectful and honourable mafioso
1.    No one can present himself directly to another of our friends. There must be a third person to do it.
2.    Never look at the wives of friends.
3.    Never be seen with cops.
4.    Don’t go to pubs and clubs.
5.    Always being available for Cosa Nostra is a duty – even if your wife is about to give birth.
6.    Appointments must absolutely be respected.
7.    Wives must be treated with respect.
8.    When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth.
9.    Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others or to other families.
10.    People who can’t be part of Cosa Nostra: anyone who has a close relative in the police, anyone with a two-timing relative in the family, anyone who behaves badly and doesn’t hold to moral values.

Photographed by albertopveiga
Apart being a largely successful America story line in movies the Mafia is not something that the news is very much concerned with. The bloodshed of the Godfather is not openly seen on the streets of  Italy today and the most recent contemporary Italian concerns with the Mafia include concerns that the Italian Prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi may have had dealings with them in 1993. However any political leader can get away more than most and there seems to be little that will stick to him. So no need to worry about looking up flights to Rome go ahead and book a holiday.

Kim has 4 years experience in the travel industry.  She enjoys writing articles on various destinations and Travel related topics.

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Cheap Guide to Paris – 10 cheap things to do in Paris when you’re on a budget

A trip to Paris is a dream come true for many of us. But the global financial crisis and shrinking value of many currencies versus the Euro may have you second guessing or even postponing that dream trip to Paris. But if you’re considering a destination that’s a little bit closer to home remember that familiarity and some inside knowledge is often the key to enjoying your vacation without breaking your budget. Paris is no different, so let’s take a look at the ways Parisians stretch their euros to enjoy the wonders of one of the most superlative cities the world has to offer

1. Free entry to museums and cathedrals

There are over 180 museums and monuments in Paris and many offer free entrance at specific times. All churches and cathedrals offer free admission (except for la Sainte Chapelle), but you may need to pay an extra fee to visit the crypts or climb the towers (e.g. Notre Dame Cathedral). Many major museums, including the big favorites such as the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Musée Rodin and Musée Picasso, offer free admission the first Sunday of every month. The same museums, plus many more, offer free admission daily to citizens of any nation of the European Union who are under 26 years old and to children and youths under 18 years old.


2. The Paris Museum Pass

Museum lovers who plan to visit lots of museums should buy the Paris Museum pass.  This pass allows unlimited entry to over 60 museums and monuments, including the Louvre Museum, Château de Versailles, the Musée d’Orsay, the Rodin Museum, the Picasso Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Sainte Chapelle. You can visit any number of participating museums, without waiting in line, during the pass’ period of validity (2,4, or 6 days). For anybody who’s planning to see a lot of museums during a short visit, time becomes an important factor. So one of the most attractive features of the Paris Museum Pass is the ability to visit museums without waiting in line to buy tickets.

3. Free concerts

Paris has a great deal to offer to music lovers. If you’re fortunate enough to be flexible in the dates you plan to visit, you should be sure to consider visiting during the Summer when you can experience the Fête de la Musique (June 21) or the Free Summer Jazz concerts held every weekend in the Parc de Vincennes. If you’re time is not so flexible, you can still take advantage of the free concerts that are frequently offered at the Maison de Radio France. Dates and times vary but a schedule and free tickets can be collected in the office at, 116, avenue du Président Wilson, 75016 Paris

4. Shop for designer clothes at department store sales and designer outlets

Paris is the capital of fashion and the home of myriad famous designers and labels. Although the haute couture showrooms along the avenue Matignon and luxury labels such as Hermes and Louis Vuitton may only be accessible to the few, but savvy shoppers can pick up close outs or seconds of designer outfits for huge discounts at designer outlet stores. Inside the Paris city limits the Mouton à 5 Pattes on the Boulevard Saint Germain is a favorite, as well as the many ready-to-wear shops found in the 14th “arrondissement”, on the rue d’Alésia beginning around the avenue de Maine. If closeouts aren’t your thing, big department stores like Bon Marché, Galleries Lafayettes and Printemps have twice yearly sales in January and July, typically discounting designer duds by up to 70%.

5. Visit the Flea Market

The world famous Paris Flea Markets are a shopper’s delight and a good way to spend an afternoon whether or not you’re planning to buy something. The largest of the Flea Markets is located at Porte de Clignancourt to the North of Paris. A huge selection of art, antiques, clothing and many many other items are on sale. Entry is free and the atmosphere is reminiscent of the Great Bazaars of Middle Eastern cities like Cairo and Itanbul.

6. Visit the Paris Opéra

Paris boasts two great opera houses: the Opéra Bastille and the Opéra Garnier. The most recent is the Opéra Bastille, which opened in 1989 and claims that every seat offers a clear view of the stage. The neo-Baroque Opéra Garnier is a renowned architectural masterpiece and the home of the Paris Opéra Ballet. It opened in 1875 and seats over 2000 people. Tickets for performances at either opera can go for over 100€ for the best seats, but the cheapest seats (which may not always offer a great view) often cost less than 10€

7. Visit a Paris Cabaret

Cabarets like the Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse and Lido are a well known Paris institution. While the typical show ticket featuring dinner and a bottle of champagne can cost up to 200€ or more per person, what is less well known is that you can also see the who for much cheaper by going to the second show (without dinner) or in some cabarets, just purchasing a ticket to the afternoon matinee, a ticket without drinks, or a seat at the bar. These cheaper tickets cost about 80€.

8. Eat a good meal out of the Center

Most areas that tourists are likely to visit (the Champs-Elysées, Saint Germain, Marais) can be much more expensive than less central, but still very nice neighborhoods. Paris offers many neighborhoods with concentrations of ethnic restaurants that are good, yet affordable. Authentic Indian restaurants can be found on the Rue Brady in the 10th arrondissement, as well as the area north of Gare du Nord. The area in the 13th arrondissement just south of Place d’Italie is Paris’ Chinatown and many affordable Chinese restaurants can be found here, as well as along the rue des Gravilliers in the 3rd arrondissement.

9. Get a cheap Airport transfer

Getting a Paris airport transfer from the airport to the Paris city center can be expensive! Taxis typically cost 40€ – 60€, depending on your destination, time of day and traffic. But a ticket on the Metro only costs 8€50. If you have too much baggage for the Metro, consider the shared airport shuttle which can cost as little as 17€ per person.

10. Vacation rental apartment

Hotels in Paris aren’t cheap, so if you’re planning to stay for an extended period or if you’re more than two people in your group, a short-term Paris vacation apartment rental is a good option that will also allow you to cook your own meals and get a better idea of what it’s like to live like the locals do.

All things considered, with just a little bit of advance planning, some of the most desirable attractions that Paris has to offer can be available to you absolutely free of charge or for a much more reasonable price than most tourists typically have to pay.

Joshua Green lived in Paris for nine years and writes about travel and tourism.

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